Sonic Free Riders

Are you a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series? It is a franchise full of classic games that have brought hours of entertainment and fun to gamers across the world. Today’s topic will be Sonic Free Riders, one of the many games produces by Sega which Microsoft Kinect. It is isn’t a classic game where you use your game controllers, but rather use the motion of your own body to perform brilliant new moves that the motion sensor will have no trouble recognizing.

If you ever thought that Sonic Free Riders is just a lousy game for little kids then I urge you to think again! Sonic Free Riders is dubbed as one the best games in the Sonic universe and it is a challenger for real gamers as well. You will be surprised at how amusing it can be from time to time so why not give it a shot?

Sonic Free Riders Gameplay

The Gameplay is quite similar to the past Sonic Rider titles and we once again have the chance to see characters from Sonic the Hedgehog series as they race hover boards around a variety of tracks. Along the way you will also be tasked with collecting the trademark golden rings for power-ups and bonuses. Once again, this game is nothing like previous ones due to the use of Microsoft Kinect’s Motion sensors which meansthat you have to play it by using body movements.

To perform all of the different moves you will be required to strive left or right or even crouch in order to jump. It can be quite fun really, especially for little children.  However, there is a serious disadvantage about this if you’re not a fan of motion sensor games such as me.I honestly prefer older series of the Sonic games and they honestly do feel more “old school” and whatnot.

The Multiplayer

The Sonic Free Riders game has a multiplayer option which allows you to enjoy it with your family and/or friends. The multiplayer is meant for a maximum of 4 players or for 8 players on a local connection. The game also features “taunts” in which you can taunt your opponent by speaking to them and this all thanks to the use of the Kinect. In order to win team races you will also need to be ready to cooperate with your teammates as you cannot success without them.

To sum it all up: the Sonic Free Riders game is certainly worth some attention although I am sure there are bits of dissatisfaction with the early Kinect titles. Let’s face it – Microsoft was in a rush and there are a lot of bugs and lags in those early games! The game itself is pretty good and if you are looking to get this for your kid then it is a fine choice since it is a lot of fun and good for all audiences. However, if you are a fan of the older Sonic series than you might want to stay clear of this game as it probably won’t be your daily cup of tea.