Sonic Free Riders Review

Are you a fan of motion games that use the Microsoft Kinect? If not, then it is understandable why you would want to miss out on the Sony Free Riders racing game. In this Sonic Free Riders review I will not try to convince you otherwise, but I will gladly point out the awesome things related to this game as it really does deserve some more praise than people give it.

So, what can we say about the game to start things off? Well, Sonic Free Riders (or SFR as fans call it) is a very entertaining racing game the features the hedgehog we all know and love – Sonic!The game has been in stores since November 4 2010 and was one of the first games that used Microsoft Kinect’s motion sensor gaming.


The Gameplay

You can choose sides in Sonic Free Riders as well as in the previous, similar game versions. The teams that you can join are:

  • Team Heroes- Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
  • Team Babylon- Jet, Wave and Storm
  • Team Rose- Amy, Cream and Vector
  • Team Dark- Shadow, Rouge and E10000B

As you can see, there are two teams more than in some of the previous games and this will offer a lot more characters and choices for you to enjoy. So how does the gameplay work? Well, before writing this Sonic Free Riders review I had to take a look at things myself and I wasn’t very impressed. The reason is that these early Kinect games lag and bug too much. Anyway, the game features entertaining motion sensor gaming via the genius gadgets called Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. It is perfect for all ages, but most children will get a real kick out of playing this game.

Sonic Free Riders Controls

The Microsoft Kinect controls are easy and simple in this game and there is no denying that. In order to turn left or right one simply moves the upper portion of their body in the direction that they wish to go. It isn’t so hard and you will easily master it. However, the difficult part is that you need to stand as if you were on a skateboard. You are also expected to jump in order to execute some advanced moves and tricks. To some it might seem a bit silly, but it is a really fun activity, especially for children.

As for the characters, we have already listed most of them above and most are looking forward to them. There are a few characters that need to be unlocked as well, but this should prove itself to be a major problem as the missions and courses are rather easy once you get the general idea. All of the maps and figures are designed quite well and graphics run very smoothly which was probably the most impressing part.


In conclusion of this Sonic Free Riders review, I must state that I don’t really like this game over the older game from Sonic the Hedgehog universe. However, SEGA has done a rather good job and the game really makes use of the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox and this alone makes it worth a try if you like these sorts of games.