Sonic Free Riders Kinect

Sonic the Hedgehog is back for a whole new adventure! Sonic Free Riders Kinect is one of the first games of its kind as it was one of the first to be released for the brand new Microsoft Kinect. For those who do not know, this device is used for the Xbox and it comes equipped with powerful motion sensors. The players use the movement of their own body to move their characters and guide them through different courses. That’s right – there are no controllers and joysticks, just your own body is used to fully interact with the game!

Of course the first games that were made for the Kinect were not exactly up to the quality that they promised, but Sonic Free Riders was patched a few times and that should have fixed all of the major issues the game might have had since its release in November 2010. The major problems that player reported were with their Kinect not reacting to some of their movements. This was later justified as an expected glitch which was normal considering that this was one of the first games for the new platform device.

The Sonic Free Riders Plot

The story once again starts with doctor Eggman who is holding another Grand Prix in order to determine who is the best and reward the winners with valuable prizes and treasure. Unlike in the previous game where we had two teams, Eggman has decided to divide the contestants into four teams: team Heroes, team Dark, team Rose and team Babylon. Of course as you might expect there is no prize money and this is all a scheme for Eggman to gather data about all of the contestants and create the ultimate robot that will be better than all of them. I won’t spoil the rest of the story for you and I will leave it for you to find out what happens in Sonic Free Riders Kinect!

The Gameplay Features

While the way one can control the character has changed dramatically the game itself has not changed a lot. There are now four teams instead of two and more course and missions for you to explore. You can still use the flight, speed and power classes and each team has one of each kind in their ranks. The items that you can equip have improved and there is a lot more to choose from. There are honestly the only changes in the game itself, but the control system is quite enough to make forget about these things and enjoy the game to its fullest without being very critical towards the lack of innovation.

The multiplayer is a great feature as well and it will probably be a lot more fun for you than the game’s mission if you have somebody to play against. You can play online where up to 8 players can fight against each other in different conditions. You can divide yourselves in teams or play every man for himself depending on the game mode. Overall, you will probably find the game a lot of fun to play, but realistically Sonic Free Rider Kinect has only brought a new gameplay controller and improved very little from the previous titles.