Sonic Free Riders Characters

Greetings gamers! Today we will discuss the interesting world of Sonic Free Riders, a popular game by SEGA which uses the Microsoft Kinect. We will focus on all the different Sonic Free Riders characters and their background story. This is a little trivia article that should be quite entertaining for most fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe!

The Hero Characters

We will obviously begin with Sonic, who is a speed type character and also the main protagonist of the entire game series. He is an extremely fast character who is very confident in himself and his abilities. He makes the game very fun to play and for those who love the cartoon series this will be another good reason to choose him! He is also the official mascot of the video game company SEGA.

Next on our list is Miles also known by the nickname “Tails”. He is here obviously because he is Sonic’s best friends well as the official sidekick and the mechanic for the group. He is quite shy but is not afraid to stand up for his friends! In the series of Sonic Free Riders he is a flight type.

Knuckles is another one of the good guys and he is on the same team as Sonic and Tails. He is a power type and he can really pack a punch! According to recent polls Knuckles is the fourth most popular character in the Sonic game series and he is right behind Tails, Shadow and Sonic.

Amy Rose is another one of the “good guys” and she is deeply in love with Sonic. She was actually introduced in 1993 for the first time in the series and she is one of the most consistent female characters in the series. She is on team Rose with Cream and Vector in Sonic Free Riders series.


The Dark Characters

Oh, but out of all the Sonic Free Riders characters none are really as interesting as Shadowwho is Sonic’s arch-rival in the series. He has debuted time and time again as one of the playable “dark” characters along with Rouge and Doctor Eggman. In the cartoon series however, he was often the good guy who helped save the world!

Rouge the bat is another one of the dark characters in the game and believe it or not her first appearance in the games was alongside Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2. She is a sinful character who can give in to lust and greed for jewelry and gems quite easily. She is also one of the dominant flight types in the games and a very unique character.

The final person on the Dark team is of course Doctor Eggman who is one of the main bad guys in the series. He is a power type and one of the oldest bad guys in the game. The people behind the storyline actually say that he has an IQ that is over 300, but has chosen to use his intelligence for evil in his attempt to rule the world.