Play Sonic Free Riders

In November 2010 Sonic Free Riders for Xbox Kinect came out and it changed the Sonic game series as we knew them! The new control method which was implemented thanks to Kinect made me want to play Sonic Free Riders and I was not disappointed! The game uses the Kinect to track your body motion which is used to control the character. Moving right or left will cause the character in the game to do the same.


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You also have to stand as if you are on skateboard as well and there are certain moves for different tricks and jump moves that you must perform in order to truly master the game and pass most of the levels.

But other than the new game controller gadget the game has not changed too much. The graphics are more impressive of course and visual effects were much better as well as the new voice acting which brought something fresh into the whole experience. However, the game mechanics have not changed a lot and if it weren’t for the Kinect, I don’t think I would have stuck with the game for very long. So if you are a fan of the Sonic universe games and are looking for something different try and play Sonic Free Riders as it will surely be a lot of fun!